Helen specialises in writing personal memories. Although these reminiscences are from her own work and life experiences she sprinkles them with gems of humour that has the audience in tucks. At the recent 'Lyrical Allsorts' she presented 'Working for a living' and 'Work Experience 2' These nostalgic stories have a timeless quality that appeals to all ages. She regularly reads to local groups.

This is what Helen has to say about her own creative writing talent and storytelling abilities:


Helen Sharp (by name and nature so they say.)

I always held my own at school as far as 'compositions or essays went' but it wasn't until I was in my late fifties that I started to write seriously. After a very serious break down in my health I decided to write memories of my early years to amuse my grandchildren. To my amazement, readers seemed to enjoy them.

I have written a 'no frills' booklet of my early childhood in Brinsley, late forties onwards. You don't have to live in the village to re-live all these memories but it helps. If no one documents these times they all get forgotten which I think is a shame. Please come to our entertainment evenings and let us know what you think. Regards Helen.

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