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Our Christmas short story competition of 250 words max. was well subscribed with eleven excellent entries. The subject was the twelve days of Christmas and the story had to include the title of one of the twelve days. The winner was to be decided by secret ballot of all members that day present. It was not to be an easy choice and a further ballot was required from the short list. Then a clear winner emerged and it was 'Archie' by Cherry Chance. The superb story is printed here in it's entirety with a photo of the winning lady holding the challenge cup.

'Archie' by Cherry Chance

Archie was bored. The housework was finished, there was nothing left to do.

'Come on, Bungle, walkies.'

Archie's only companion, his little dog, fetched his lead.

The park was full of people having fun,especially couples, which made Archie feel depressed.

He stopped to watch a woman feeding the ducks.

'Warm Day'

'It certainly is,' She replied. 'Want to help feed them?'

Archie took the bread she offered and threw it to the ducks.

'Like a sweet?' She said.


What a lovely lady, thought Archie, and attractive.

'Come here often?' he asked.

'Yes, nearly every day since my husband died.

'See you again, then.'

'Look forward to it,'she said before waving goodbye.

Before getting into bed that night, Archie opened a trinket box revealing five gold rings. He thought about his five past wives, and how wonderful it would be if one of them was still with him to enjoy trips, have fun together. Silly thoughts, they were dead and he was alone.

Archie picked up the prettiest of the wedding rings and suddenly smiled. He couldn't bring the others back, but he could get a new wife and he already had someone in mind. She was single, liked ducks and had a sweet tooth.

This time he'd be good. This time he'd wine and dine his bride. This time his wife would stay with him. He wouldn't cut her throat, strangle, poison or shoot her, like the others. No, he wouldn't do that...

Well, not straight away.


 Photo below: Cherry with trophy.

This years winning poet: Angela Rigley

Angela Rigley


Eastwood Writers Group was founded in 1980 by several local authors to share advice, help and encouragement in their shared goals of advancing writing excellence. They agreed to hold weekly meetings and to try and attract other like minded folk from the community. This would be achieved by holding two annual competitions and putting on twice yearly performances. poems, short stories and humorous items. Manuscript readings are followed by a positive critique. This years annual poetry competition cup was won by Angela Rigley. There were eight entries and these were read out by two independent readers. The winner, selected by a secret ballot was unanimous. Angela has yet to decide whether to publish her winning entry on her own author's profile page of the Eastwood writers group website. This can be found at Her first novel is due for publication early in 2011

 This is the Eastwood Writers Poetry Cup, This years winner: Angela Rigley

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