November 2010. 

Jim Allen, Chairman of a packed Eastwood Writers Meeting was pleased to welcome guests at a Tuesday Afternoon Manuscript Session. Included were three visitors from Tickhill Writers. Doncaster, South Yorks. These hardy folk had made a long journey to see for themselves how we conduct our meetings, having heard reports of the positive, in-depth critique to which we subject our manuscripts. Two of them had brought their own work to read out and as is the custom, they were invited to speak first. Both readings were applauded for their interest and originality and lively discussions followed.

The principal invited guests were Trevor and Michelle Gent from nearby Pinxton. Michelle is a Nottinghamshire County Councillor and published novelist in her own right and was therefore able to view the meeting from an author's point of view, participating with her own comments as appropriate. 

Trevor is the publisher of Gingernut Books: and as such, gave us a very interesting talk relating to his own company services. These involved all aspects of publishing: ISBN'S, Registration, Printing, Distribution, Editing, Proofreading, Typesetting, File Creation, Book Cover Design and Ebook publishing. 

This was followed with a lively question and answer session and he was able to answer pointed questions relating to costs, replying with ball park figures purely as a guide.

Michelle suggested a way of reducing costs would be for the group to develop a 'shared project' book where members could contribute perhaps a story each. Gordon Butler remarked that this had indeed been done in the past.  

 Winding up the meeting our visitors were heartily thanked by the Chairman and it was sincerely hoped by all to see them again.      

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