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WriteOn Magazine

Posted by Harry Riley on Wednesday, March 23, 2011,
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It was to be just another routine manuscript meeting for Eastwood Writers Group at Brinsley Parish Hall; until that is, Councillor Keith Longdon turned up with a pleasant and most timely surprise. Previously, group member David Page (author Harry Riley) had suggested a printed maga...

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'WriteOn' New Printed Magazine

Posted by Harry Riley on Friday, March 11, 2011,
Wednesday 23rd. March 2011. Following Tuesday's meeting it was decided that the first official print run of the new magazine 'WriteOn' sponsored by Nottinghamshire County Council, should be August 2011. This would hopefully be an expanded version of the Spring pilot run. Expanded to mean by the number of pages and not overall dimensions. It being considered that A5 was an appropriate size. It was also thought that internal colour was not to be an essential requisite. The committee will meet o...
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